An explosion occurred the other day in a Target store in southwest Evanston, Illinois. I used to shop there, once it a while. It stopped being either cheap or useful, so I don’t anymore.

Various news sources just about instantly assumed that the explosion had something to do with Target’s transgender bath room policy. The initial reports were simple: an explosion occurred, no one was hurt, investigation in progress. More argumentative folks soon picked it up and tried to link it to those terrifying “conservative Christians” who have been trying by boycott and attending shareholders’ meetings, to get Target to change their policy. There was never any claim of responsibility, any threats, nor any evidence whatsoever at the time of the explosion that some nut job had done it. To their credit, the investigators never made any attribution, but that didn’t stop the perpetually aggrieved.

Turns out that it was a woman trying to get high.

We await retractions.

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