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A Diversion

If your stomach is sour with the antics of the two hairballs American democracy has coughed up, if you’re weary of the incursion of celebrity culture into every corner of life and the procession of horrors that constitutes the news, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, life hands you a confusion. It demands and insists, takes up most of your energy, pulls you away from other and important tasks. You look up and your half a dozen years older, other messes have crept in, and … Continue reading

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One  of the pleasures of the warmth months is the outbreak of classic cars. They bloom with the roses, it seems. In the last few days I’ve seen an Avanti (original or repro, I couldn’t tell), a post-war MG Roadster, … Continue reading

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This one looks rather like a Turner.

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An explosion occurred the other day in a Target store in southwest Evanston, Illinois. I used to shop there, once it a while. It stopped being either cheap or useful, so I don’t anymore. Various news sources just about instantly … Continue reading

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