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When the History of 2016

is written, if it’s written, there will be no heroes nor innocent victims, just scoundrels and fools. I’m largely in agreement with Mr. French on this. The free-speech absolutist response to bad speech is usually better speech. I admit to … Continue reading

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The Miscellany February 10, 2017

When a public official begins a statement “It is an indisputable fact that (fill in the blank),” prepare for lies. I have begun rereading The Lord of the Rings for the first time in many years. The first readings engraved … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day

I think I’ll get a haircut first. A curiosity of this curious presidential transition is that so many folks invest affection amounting to adoration in Mr. Obama, and dislike amounting to hatred in Mr. Trump. The President of the United … Continue reading

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The presidential election recently concluded gave us curmudgeons the rare pleasure of being grumpy no matter the outcome. The contest between knaves and fools was unique that way.* I get to say for the next four years (or until he … Continue reading

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Eye on the Ball

Mr. Pence said that when he heard boos from the audience, he told his daughter, who was also in attendance, “That’s what freedom sounds like.” Don’t get distracted by the President-elects ability to distract us with his tweeting. He’s a … Continue reading

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Freakout! Division!

There’s something in educator’s water that’s driving them to long letters about last week’s presidential election. Readers have been sending examples to Scott Johnson at Powerline: here’s his most recent example. This has spread to chairfolk of YWCAs and even … Continue reading

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My Brain Hurts

Harnessed, the incendiary codswallop I’ve read in the last 24 hours would light North America, easy. One reason for #NeverTrump was always that he might win, and his horribleness used to paint conservative policies with the ugly brush. It’s already … Continue reading

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Feeling Disenfranchised

My 11th Presidential Ballot. A few observations. McMullins’ people (does he have people?) didn’t get him on the ballot here, leaving the Gang of Eight at the top of the ballot. Hurl. In a state that is now infamous for … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is a cartoon of a man, a tycoon, a politician. He has the general outlines of a human being, without the details. How he came to be this way would be an interesting study, I suppose, but in … Continue reading

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After the Republic

It’s making the rounds.  People who wonder why Constitutionalists find all the candidates in this election repellent could read it usefully. I’d like to look backward a moment, to two elections to the Senate, the first in 1998 and the … Continue reading

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