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Singing Gold

When I was a kid, we lived within an easy walk of a forest. An unkempt sort of forest, sort of an orphan. There were hills, including a great one for sledding, a desultory creek, and some permanently damp places … Continue reading

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Pro Tip

After refilling your pen with an ink named “Antique Copper,” do not, forgetful, go back to work and, later, scratch your nose.

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Anne Kennedy laments over the remodeled Anne of Green Gables. It occurred to me, because I am very slow, that of course the Father of Lies would attack reading in general, and how we read.  And we’re always ready to … Continue reading

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12 Rules

I’ve read and enjoyed Jordan Peterson’s book, and intend to read it again soon. Parts of it are very good; the section on listening, for example, and other parts are fun – it’s always fun to take a few swings … Continue reading

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Returning, On His Shield

I’m back, in part, more deliberately than slowly, evaluating activities before I resume them. I told a friend that it’s as if I missed two seasons, summer in a slow decline, autumn in recovery. Or recuperation. Or, putting it another … Continue reading

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A List

1. Donald Trump should not be president. 2. Hillary Clinton should not be president. 3. Bernie Sanders should not be president. A dog’s breakfast of an election. Usually there’s at least one who’s not entirely repellant. Gary? Too confused. Evan? … Continue reading

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O Altitudo

All of CSL’s The Great Divorce is glorious. The last pages, including the dialog between the Lady and the Tragedian, with George MacDonald’s running commentary, is stunning, terrifying. It illuminates, dreadfully, common human behavior. It reminds us of how cheap … Continue reading

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Shrinking Violet

Found these two hiding under some daylilies, themselves lurking behind a big lilac, in a shady, neglected part of the garden that I’m reclaiming this summer. I let violets go – they don’t hurt anything, and they often surprise, as … Continue reading

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When the History of 2016

is written, if it’s written, there will be no heroes nor innocent victims, just scoundrels and fools. I’m largely in agreement with Mr. French on this. The free-speech absolutist response to bad speech is usually better speech. I admit to … Continue reading

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Jumble Sale

The Battle of Helm’s Deep is over; Gimli’s heart has been overthrown by the Glittering Caves; and the Riders are moving toward Isengard but are still on their way. Some springtime pics taken yesterday: A blue lilac getting ready to … Continue reading

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