A List

1. Donald Trump should not be president.

2. Hillary Clinton should not be president.

3. Bernie Sanders should not be president.

A dog’s breakfast of an election. Usually there’s at least one who’s not entirely repellant. Gary? Too confused. Evan? Please.

4. Donald Trump is the president.

5. Donald Trump has made some good appointments.

6. Those good appointments are no better than those an actual conservative might have made.

7. Donald Trump is beginning to turn against those appointees.

I’m always going to be grateful for Justice Gorsuch. It was, way back then, a sign that President Trump could listen to and follow good advice. While Candidate Trump’s policies were mostly obscure, his character was not. Now, his character is coming to the fore, and there’s a real chance that the White House will become a revolving door.

Mr. Trump won the election due to (1) the sheer incompetence of Madame’s campaign and (2) a revolt against mandarin, top down, we-know-best government. He doesn’t understand that, of course.

8. Donald Trump does not have coat tails.

9. Donald Trump has no clientalia among Republicans at any level.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the Members of Congress return from recess. The more conscientious ones spend some of the time listening to their constituents.* What will they hear?

10. I have a hunch that Dame Fortuna is about to give her Wheel a mighty turn.

*This doesn’t apply if your Congressperson is an Illinois Donkocrat.

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