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Inauguration Day

I think I’ll get a haircut first. A curiosity of this curious presidential transition is that so many folks invest affection amounting to adoration in Mr. Obama, and dislike amounting to hatred in Mr. Trump. The President of the United … Continue reading

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Conservatives – “Grandpa, what’s a conservative?” “Oh, you know, our natural rights, free market economy, balanced budget, small government, Federalism as originally conceived, a few other things. Not Yosemite Sam in KKK robes.” “Grandpa, what’s KKK?” “I hope you never … Continue reading

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Morning People

People who sleep late ┬ámiss glorious sights. This morning’s sun rose in a pool of gold, lighting a fleet of clouds with yellow fire on their eastern edge. Spectacular and lovely and full of grace, if you were there to … Continue reading

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