Conservatives –

“Grandpa, what’s a conservative?”

“Oh, you know, our natural rights, free market economy, balanced budget, small government, Federalism as originally conceived, a few other things. Not Yosemite Sam in KKK robes.”ys

“Grandpa, what’s KKK?”

“I hope you never find out. Conservatives are holding their breaths, often their noses, sometimes their stomachs, as we await the opening of the Schrodinger’s box that is the Trump Administration. We hope for the best (and “best” in this case is not much, honestly. A little clean up, here and there. If you move into a really wrecked fixer-upper, clean up is only the first task.) Some of the appointments are ok, or at least amusing. Others, well, a few remaining classicists will recmessall, acta non verba.


It does help to have a little sense of humor, however bruised it may be after this election. Conservatives, by and large a funny crew, are getting ready to use *humor* when Trump disappoints. Perhaps even sarcasm. Humor works better than fainting couches, indignant boycotts, or even references to The Road to Serfdom.  Although that estimable work is, like Star Trek TOS and Animal House, widely applicable. In this vein, courtesy of Steven Hayward’s (quote: ” Buckle up: there isn’t enough WD-40 in our universe to keep the unhinged left from squeaking.”)   The Week in Pictures, and below the fold to spare delicate eyes, we may behold Donald Trump’s “Victoria’s Secret Service detail.”


The other pictures are funny too.

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