Jumble Sale

The Battle of Helm’s Deep is over; Gimli’s heart has been overthrown by the Glittering Caves; and the Riders are moving toward Isengard but are still on their way.

Some springtime pics taken yesterday:

A blue lilac getting ready to lilac all over the place, and a variegated dogwood leafing out. And Otto, being Otto.

The Benedict Option

Making slow progress, not sure about all the details, but I’m mostly in sympathy.  I might have more to say when I finish. In the meantime, it’s hardly surprising that Mrs. Clinton’s alma mater should beclown itself with this editorial from the student newspaper. “Orwellian” is overused, but might be accurate here. The author(s)(Just cause it reads as though written by a committee doesn’t mean it was) does seem to say that the purpose of post high school education is to instill Goodthink, and that those who cannot accept or conform to Goodthink must be exiled. Yes, upsetting.

While I can get away with it, A Joyous Easter to the couple of readers out there. Let sing Gloria and Te Deum. 

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