Eye on the Ball

Mr. Pence said that when he heard boos from the audience, he told his daughter, who was also in attendance, “That’s what freedom sounds like.”

Don’t get distracted by the President-elects ability to distract us with his tweeting. He’s a stage magician – watch the off-hand, not the one in the spotlight. Will he be able to sequester his business life from his new role?  Will he want to? Does he know he should? Who’s getting what job? No one should treat the man as a bumbling naif; he knows how to distract and misdirect.

And, for those who know it not, real conservatives, of which number Mr. Pence may be counted, are free speech absolutists. Tis better to be booed than to have one’s boots licked.

Now back to keeping an eagle eye on his boss.

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