My Brain Hurts

Harnessed, the incendiary codswallop I’ve read in the last 24 hours would light North America, easy. One reason for #NeverTrump was always that he might win, and his horribleness used to paint conservative policies with the ugly brush. It’s already being done – Oren Cass has a little summary of today’s efforts, here.

No, Trump didn’t win because of some vast uprising of (mildly miffed) white men. He won because 5 or 6 million people who voted for Obama 4 years ago didn’t vote for Clinton. Where’d they go? Sure didn’t transfer their affections to Trump. If they’d voted for Clinton we’d all be getting ready for Hillary, so if you’re Most Seriously Displeased about Trump’s election, go look in the mirror. Clinton managed to alienate the coal industry, the entire state of West Virginia, lots of Catholics and Evangelicals, and most military veterans. Was she trying to lose?

No, he’s not marching us into fascism. Go read about the rise of dictatorships in Italy and Germany between the World Wars. Both countries had scant experience of democracy, both had large populations of idle and alienated young men used to being under arms, and both Mussolini (who was much admired here in the US in the post WW I era, btw) and Hitler were very skilled politicians and rhetoricians of a certain type. And young. Trump is 70, does not lead a citizen army of disaffected and militant peers, and has never demonstrated any real rhetorical skill. He’s presents other dangers, but not this one. For conservatives –

Wait a minute. I just realized that people who get their information from the NYT/WaPo/HuffPo bubble might not know what a “conservative” is – the writers there mostly don’t . Hm. Don’t know where to start. Small government, small taxes, free speech, yeah, yeah. I really suggest you read Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism (really, it’s lots of fun and gives a lot of clues about why crises are so important) and Amity Schlaes’ Coolidge (it’s really good and you’ll learn a lot about how a conservative president operates. And how Washington DC has been a problem for a looooooong time) concurrently. Take your time.

For conservatives, this election was like this Michael Ramirez cartoon – below the fold, because, well, trigger. See how nice I am?

I think I’ll spend the next few months in another century. Got recommendations?


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