Tomorrow. Hide.

Election Day is tomorrow. No happy eve, this, for those who cannot stop their noses at the stench that roils off the both of ‘em. I understand those who, finding one stench more unpleasant than the other, make their decision accordingly; can’t understand those who insist that their choice is fragrant with roses and lilies. Neither of these is a refuge from the other, nor should either be entrusted to be sewer inspector.

Much is made of the bizarre behavior of the Heffalumps in nominating Trump, and to be sure criticism is due. Equally, the Eeyores brought forth the only candidate who might lose to Trump, so some opprobrium should get heaped there. E’en so, Hillary could have wound this up months ago had she heeded Tricky’s old advice: run to the right in the primaries, to the center in the general. For her, Left, then center. Lots of ink has spilled over “Evangelical” support for Trump – I’m not sure what an “Evangelical” Christian is in America anymore – but that support is on one issue only, her probable choices for the Supreme Court. She could have undermined this support by producing some sort of waffling statement like,“I am unwavering in my commitment to women’s health, but I will also defend religious liberty.” Probably empty words, but maybe enough to quiet fearful “Evangelicals (whatever they are)”. But she doesn’t seem able to tack toward the center at all. Will this backfire on her tomorrow?

The so-called “alt-right (it may be “alt” but it sure ain’t “right”)” has to be pushed back beyond the Door of Night whence they came. This was done successfully a half century ago. Time to do it again. They will continue to be noisy and appalling, but no one needs to pay them no never mind.

The Progressive Left wants desperately to believe that Trump spells the end of resistance to the Prog Left agenda. Unlikely, though there might be some delayed effects. They’re not very good, the Prog Left, at articulating why what they want is good, so it’s much easier to claim moral superiority and not have to explain themselves or to shout down than win over. Conservatives worry that Trump’s numerous appalling qualities will be, by the transitive property of politics, transferred to all Heffalumps. I am not sure about that. It seems to me that there is a lot of young talent on the Heff side, such as Senators Sasse and Cotton, and some governors, and it will be up to them to restore things. May they gladly take on the task: the Boomer presidential choices have been pretty uniformly bad and awful, and I’m quite willing to transfer the work to a younger crowd. Stick with fundamental principles.

I expect that Hillary’s firewall will mostly hold, and that she’ll win a narrow Electoral College victory. I have no idea how the popular vote will go. I doubt the various poll margins at this point. I expect the Republicans to retain the House with a reduced majority. Maybe the Senate. Maybe not. If Hillary does win, I expect Republican landslides in the next off year. As for the next four years, there will be


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