Eeyores All The Way Down

Among conservative Republicans, an endangered species, there’s a certain amount of squabbling between the #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary camps. This squabbling is unnecessary, because, alas, The Battle for 2016 is over. The Battle for the Future has yet to begin. Trump’s gonna get plowed under.
And not because Ted Cruz is pouting, or Paul Ryan is cold to Trump, or because some guys at National Review have the wind up about him, or because the “Republican establishment” is against him, but because he’s an even worse candidate than Madame. I didn’t think that was possible, but here we are. We should be thinking about #SurvivingHillary and #AfterTrump.
Yeah, I know, both campaigns seem to be run by flatworms. On the same day that Trump announced that the linchpin of his economic plan was . . . . repealing the inheritance tax, Madame allowed a terrorist’s father to be photographed on the stage behind her. And Trump turned around and made an execrable “joke” about “2nd Amendment types taking care” of Hillary.
Such grudging support as Trump has from Republican leaders and down-ticket office holders has always been based mostly on two hopes; that once nominated, he would sober up, running a more or less reasonable sort of campaign, and using his skills at public relations and media manipulation to relentlessly attack Hillary, and, secondly, that, should he win, he could be guided and more or less controlled by grown-up advisors.
Not gonna happen. Trump will continue to be Trump, narcissistic, erratic, and thin skinned. He has no actual ideas, and won’t listen to anyone other than his children and his sycophants. So, #NeverTrumpers and #NeverHillaries, kiss and make up. Got work to do, for the sake of the Republic.
It doesn’t help that conservatives are too often like the Baptists in the Emo Philips joke. There’s a tendency to want a strict ideological purity that would have embarrassed Mikhail Suslov. Doesn’t help much. Please observe the Eleventh Commandment, boys and girls. Break it with great caution (Trump doesn’t count. The Republic comes first).
What to do? I don’t know what mechanism there might be for removing a candidate against his will. I suppose he might be tempted by a promise of immunity from prosecution, and make him sort of a remittance man like the Duke of Windsor. Barring that, Republicans should be released to run against him, with an eye to preserving the majority in the House and maybe the Senate – the latter would be tough this year in any event. Some careful thought needs to be given about how Trump managed this takeover. And not a small part of the task is that thoughtful conservatives must be willing to undertake the same “long march through the institutions,” especially the educational and entertainment systems, that the radicals of the ’60s undertook, and that has brought about shifts in American world-view. Long job.
‘Course, as I’ve said, I have the privilege of living in a one-party kleptocracy where my vote is of no importance or consequence. Depending on the polls, I might wander in to vote for poor Mark Kirk, who really is probably the best we can do here, and has the advantage of having an opponent who has a whiff of scandal to her. For the rest, in my precinct, it’ll be Eeyores all the way down.

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