The hardware store next to the bakery I visit on Saturday mornings has an urban chicken coop in the window. At first I thought it a rather posh child’s play set, but, nope, chicken coop.  Evanston is going to the birds.

orpingtonCharming as it would be to raise one’s own Buff Orpingtons, if one gets chickens, one is likely to get foxes, or worse, given the rate of predator infiltration around here.  There’s a town nearby that resolutely insists THERE ARE NO WOLVES HERE despite a good many sightings. Perhaps they were just passing through. So if you keep chickens, you’ll have to upgrade your dog, or hope that a tomten adopts you to help out. Tomtens are probably lower maintenance. They seem to exist on bowls of porridge, and don’t intrude during the day. They might keep squirrels and rabbits away, too.  On the other hand, there might be an Ordinance against quasi-supernatural creatures, however friendly.

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