No, Thank You Very Much

I doubt I will watch tonight’s debate. Since I will vote for neither, it seems wasteful of time. I suppose I’ll follow on Twitter and find a way to tune in if something amusing happens. Hah, “tune in,” so geriatric.  Well, I pulled the satellite plug a year ago when the bill hit $100 for hundreds of channels I didn’t watch. Get off my lawn!

Excuse me. Better now.

If you want a deep drink of movement conservative vitriol, there’s this: supporters of both will be enraged. “two of the most dishonest, vapid, and empty human-shaped things in American public life,” and it goes on from there.

For quite some time I toyed with the possibility that Trump was a Clinton plant, a BLU-82 dropped to clear a landing zone for Hillary. Dude’s not even a Rockefeller Republican, after all – in fact, he doesn’t seem to have any actual political ideas. Hillary’s may be old and moribund, but Trump . . .  well. Why run, besides power seeking? Progressives, after all, knew they were lucky 8 years ago, and really need another presidential term to continue their program. Hillary, considered as a politician, is pretty terrible; lots of the possible Republican candidates would defeat her. So, persuade Trump’s Ego to run. Easy win for Hillary, right? I never found much evidence beyond the oceanic amounts of free publicity that the Donk-leaning media gave Trump, and the choreographed, turn-on-a-dime “Trump is the worst” that followed the conventions. But if it all were a scheme by our Progressive friends, it’s not working. I still don’t think Trump will win – but he’s a cannier, slipperier pig than they thought he is.  This Pew poll is full of fascinating tidbits.

Have fun, debate watchers.  Don’t play Kevin’s game.

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