#NeverTrump, R.I.P.

It died in committee. Not  close. I’m guessing that the recent polls show that Trump isn’t toxic enough down ticket to panic the herd. Now what?

What do I know? I’m not paid to guess. So my guess as of now is historic low percentage of eligibles vote for president – Hillary wins, probably by focusing on the big electoral states. Although both candidates are heartily disliked, the Donks have a better record of turning out the vote. The Senate is a hard call – the balance of seats up for election favors the Donks anyway this year, but those same polls indicate a lot of likely ticket splitting. The Heffalumps will lose seats. Will they retain a thin majority? Can’t guess. I think the Heffs will retain the House. I have a hunch that a lot of the Heffs up for reelection this fall will be  running very quietly against Trump. When the dust settles, I guessing that Hillary will get under 40% of the eligible voter pool, and Trump marginally less. Some horrible event might change the outcome.

So on election day I’ll wobble in to not vote for Trillary (the alternatives are laugh worthy), not vote for Jan Schakowsky since she’ll be my rep until she dies, if she hasn’t already, against most of the downticket Donks in state office (on account of Mike Madigan, Grand Vizier (and you know what they’re like) of Illinois, and probably for poor Mark Kirk, though I suspect he’s doomed. His seat will be hard to reclaim once lost.

It’s an election to survive, I suppose, scary in a dangerous world. In four years, capable folks like Senators  Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton, Governors like Scott Walker, can mature and emerge. I have to admit that we Boomers have done a lousy job of governing. Let’s turn it over to some of the kids.

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