#NeverHillary is a reasonable position. Her record and her tendencies are clear. Concern over the direction of American foreign policy in her administration is reasonable. Her contempt for Constitutional order would lead to further hypertrophy of the unconstitutional administrative state. Constitutionalists have reason to fear her possible court appointments, from the top to bottom.

#NeverTrump is also a reasonable position. His policies are terra incognita if not ignorantia, his character shoddy. His performances in the public eye during his campaign and during his long career as a celebrity give every reason to doubt his capacity to be president. I’ll say that a possible good bad thing about Trump is that he might usefully diminish the presidency. It’s a fundamental article among Constitutionalist that the American Presidency has become grandiose.

#NeverTrillary is also a reasonable, albeit luxurious, position. It’s going to be one or the other. The third and fourth choices are hopeless fantasies. I can take this position since there is at this time no possibility that Trump can challenge Clinton in Illinois. The Heffalumps disenfranchised me a long time ago.

Both major candidates appear to rely on a core of high emotion, low information voters, and I suspect this will make for an unpredictable, volatile election in which polling is unreliable. I suspect a large number of eligibles will not vote for either. Barring events, low turnout I think favors Clinton. If there is continuing racial violence, it may favor Trump, who, unlike Clinton, can portray himself as the law and order candidate. I suspect that Trump will never get his campaign together, and that local Republican organizations will back him half heartedly. They know that Trump doesn’t represent any actual Republican policies or beliefs.

I’m ready to go all #WalkerSasse2020.

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